Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Woodland Fairy Costume

If you haven't heard, Halloween is a pretty big deal at Cricut HQ. Don't believe me, check it out on Cricut's Facebook page. In fact, when I interviewed for my job, one of the questions was about my willingness to dress up for Halloween.

I think I passed.

But because things are so serious, we're sworn to secrecy concerning our costumes, theme, etc. So, I hope you won't hate me if I post Halloween costume pictures the first week of November!!

This year my team chose to do a Medieval/Fantasy theme, each creating our own character. I decided to be a woodland fairy...because...well, I look great in green.

In fact it started with the color green, a green dress. And then slowly, over a month or so, I glued leaves up the dress is a spiral-like pattern. I cut most of the leaves from felt, leather and paper with my Cricut Explore (of course) and filled in the missing places with fake leaves. I also added the leaves to a pair of boots I found at Savers.

Then, I found an XXL green lace dress at Savers (of course), cut it up and sewed it together into a long cape.

Finally, for added effect, I cut wings from old Cricut mats of the 12" x 24" variety.

And the Woodland Fairy costume was born.

I am happy to report that my team won the costume contest and that we're already in talks about next year's theme. Suggestions are welcome!


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  1. You looked GORGEOUS! Long red hair looks great on you. 😉


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