Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape

Ever since I was a little girl, it was my job to set the table for special occasions. My mom cooked and I set the table. We're a good team. In the second grade, I even gave a demonstration speech to my fellow second graders on how to properly set a table. As expected, they were mystified.

Things haven't changed. Even now, when we have fancy family dinners, my mom cooks and I set the table. I'm not complaining...I would much rather stick to my strengths. So, this year, I came up with a few DIY extras to make the table even more special.

Sources: Centerpiece (DIY), green garland and place card spools (Micheals), silver garland and feather tags (Target), lacey paper placemats (Anna Griffin), table runner, napkins, plates and silverware (West Elm).

I made a centerpiece, place cards and a card that guests can write down things they're grateful for during dinner.

Don't worry, you know I'll show you how I made it.

For the Centerpiece:

Measure your table, mantle, shelf or whatever surface you want to decorate. My table was 70" long.

Go to Home Depot and buy a 4x4 and one 1/4" poplar dowel. Have the 4x4 cut to your desired length - I had mine cut to 60" so it would run the length of my table.

Measure your chipboard letters and the distance you need between letters. Mark these measurements on your 4x4.

Drill your holes with a 1/4" drill bit to match your 1/4" dowels.

Paint the 4x4.

Cut your dowel into 6 inch tall sections (or however tall your letters are). Arrange the dowels in your drilled holes and hot glue the chipboard letters to them.

Remove the letters and dowels from the 4x4 and spray paint them.

For the I'm Thankful For cards:

I made the I'm Thankful For cards with my Cricut Explore. You can open and view the file HERE.

I used kraft paper for the brown envelope and plain, white cardstock for the tag. The writing is done with a Bic pen in the Explore's writing tool clamp.

For the Place Cards:

Gather covered floral wire, tiny spools (I found mine at Michaels), a marker and wire cutters.

Leave about a two inch tail of floral wire hanging off the marker and wrap it around twice.

Cut off the excess wire and stuff it down inside the spool. As easy as that!

I used tags for the place cards so that we could easily tie the tags onto leftover boxes for guests to take home.

And a few more beauty shots for the road:

I hope you all have an enjoyable Thanksgiving, full of gratitude, family and delicious food.


***A special thanks to West Elm at City Creek for letting me borrow the gorgeous table setting.***


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