Monday, November 10, 2014

Botanical Watercolor Prints and an Empty Wall

I love it when I stop at my favorite school surplus place and find buried treasure. Literally. I found two straight-from-the-80s botanical watercolor prints on foam core buried in a pile of posters under some forgotten shelves.

 And I fell in love.

They're a little banged up around the edges, but for being from the 80s, they have far less bumps and bruises than I do. They must have lived a better life than me.

I knew that I wanted to hang them, but I kept going back and forth about whether or not to put the prints in a frame. The problem is that they are not standard sizes and I would have to get a custom frame for each. And seeing as I spent a $1 for both of these prints, I didn't really want to drop more than $25 each for a frame.

Thank goodness for VELCRO® Brand removable hanging strips. You get 12 in a package - plenty to hang multiple items. And because they are removable picture hangers, you don't need to worry about  damaging your walls or ruining the pictures themselves.

Within a few minutes, the hook and loop fasteners were on the back of my botanical prints and my prints were hanging on the wall.

The pieces are easy enough to use - simply peel and stick.

I hung the prints in a little alcove in our master bedroom. Can you believe that even after almost two years of living in this house, I'm still working on decorating the master bedroom?

The alcove was a sad little area that housed my bracelets, rings and other baubles. It also acted as a charging station for our multiple electronic devices.

Isn't it amazing what art can do for a space? I love our little media center/jewelry holder/catch all now! 

VELCRO® Brand has several different products that are perfect for life transitions, whether that be a move to a new home, a gallery wall installation or an attempt to organize your home.

P.S. I may have some BIG news coming up soon, so keep your virtual ears open!


***Disclosure: Velcro Brand Companies provided me with VELCRO® Brand products. However,  I do not review products unless I truly enjoyed using them and would recommend them to others. All opinions are 100% mine.***


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