Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dollhouse Remodel with Scrapbook Paper

This project post is a part of a paid marketing campaign with Snap. Although this post is sponsored, the project idea and all opinions expressed are my own. 

A few weeks ago, I did a major happy dance when I went to my mailbox and found a package of goodies from Amy Tangerine

Bundles include: a basic kit, an embroidery kit, an embellishment kit and a stamping kit.
The Amy Tangerine Plus One paper craft collection sold out online and in stores the last time it was available, but fortunately, it is now for sale on HSN in bundles for just under $20 each. And right now, there is a free shipping code at!

Amy's new line of craft supplies and papers are trendy, with fun patterns and unlimited possibilities.  
The sold out Plus One Project Life Mini Kit will also be available at a discounted rate.

 When I opened up the large paper pack, I immediately knew what I wanted to use it for. You see, on a recent stop at DI, I found a little dollhouse for $5. 

Now, as these stories usually start, the dollhouse was very sad looking. It was ugly, for one, had scribbles all over it and the roof was taped together.

But I saw past all that. All I saw was how happy my little girl would be when I gave her a shiny new doll house.

 First things first, I washed it down with hot, soapy water.

When it was dry, I filled in the unfinished wood edges with white, 3M paintable wood filler. After the filler had dried, I sanded the edges down until they were smooth.

I removed the back panel and the roof (which didn’t fit very well anyway). I kept the back piece, but tossed the roof.

When the house was roofless, I painted it with Krylon Dual in white. 

This is where the Amy Tangerine scrapbook paper came into play. While the paint was drying, I measured the floors and the walls of each level and cut coordinating paper to size.

Mod podge people, it is your best friend. I coated the floors and walls with mod podge and adhered the paper to it. When they were dry, I applied a sealing coat on top.

For the roof, I used an unused book spine with a window that would mimic a skylight. I nailed one side of the book to the roof supports, but left the other side unattached so Emi can open up the roof.

 The attic floor is cork. with decorative wash tape.

The sides and back of the house, I covered in woodgrain scrapbook paper.

The second floor is another sheet of Amy Tangerine paper.

The bottom floor is a small piece of carpet remnant from our home remodel. 

I had Emiline draw a few pictures and made them into little art pieces to hang on the walls. 

She loves the finished dollhouse and that happy face I know and love made those $5 and a few hours of time totally worth it. 

Now for accessories! Anyone have good ideas for small pieces of furniture I should figure out how to make?

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