Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Playing Card Mini-Journal: Weeks 6 -11

After today, I'm finally caught up with my mini-journal project.  The purpose for making these cards each week was to give me an opportunity to reflect and think about my life, where I've been and what I want for the future. It was really nice to sit down and do just that. This is one resolution I'm determined to see through :)

Week Seven: 

Week Eight: Time

Week Nine: What I Ate Today

Week Ten: Remember When?

Week Eleven: Change



  1. How will you bind these together at the end or will you?

    1. April, I'm thinking of putting them all in a little keepsake box. For now, I'm hanging them in an empty frame so I can see my weekly progress. I posted a little shot of them hanging in this post.

  2. These are so cute and such a good journaling idea! I don't journal well in the traditional way so maybe this kind of thing will help? :D Beautiful!

    1. That's exactly why I started doing this! I am so bad at journaling!!

  3. I'm not reading this post until now, but I have to say it: I remember your pixie cut and STILL think it's a great cut for you!! Since we aren't neighbors anymore, I've wondered for months now if you'll ever revisit that cut…especially since Anne Hathaway (your doppleganger, and you know it!) has been rocking it for over a year now. Anyway, just sayin' that you look awesome in a pixie. Pregnancy can ruin us for some things though ;o)


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