Thursday, February 20, 2014

The How-To Gal Does Studio 5 + Anthropologie Window Displays for the Home

The world inspires me. Everything from snow-capped mountains to a puddle of water to lines of cars on the freeway inspire me. On rough days, I like to put my phone away, turn off my music and just look around. Beauty is everywhere. Sometimes, I head to my favorite department stores, not to buy anything, but to be inspired by displays. Anthropologie is my favorite. They have the best window displays.

What fascinates me about Anthropologie is how they use ordinary objects like corks, nails, cardboard or paper and create magnificent works of art. I knew I could do the same. So I did.

Next time you hit your local thrift store, I want you to look for a large frame. The frame doesn't have to have a fantastic picture in it...or even glass. Just find a large frame and buy it. Take it home and look at it like it was an empty window display. Think about how you would transform that display into something awesome.

For a recent segment on KSL Studio 5, I created three different Anthropolgie-inspired framed art pieces for my home using thrift store frames as a canvas. I made mini-window displays, if you will.

Over the next few days I'll show you have to make these lovely pieces, but here's a preview:

Vintage Paper Roses (tutorial)

You can buy the Flower Shoppe digital image for these flowers from Cricut through next week with 25% off code howtogal25
Art Deco Scallops

Modern Geometric Triangles (tutorial)

Check out the KSL Studio 5 feature here.

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