Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Envelope Clutch with Cricut

Holiday parties, my new LBD (little black dress) and glitter clutches are on my mind lately. There's just something about glitter that screams party! to me. So, one day when I was online window shopping at the millions of gorgeous glitter clutches out there, I decided that I should just make my own. And I did. All it took was my Cricut, an envelope image, glitter iron-on and a fun fabric.

Step One: Fuse the glitter iron-on vinyl to a fun fabric. I chose a coral cotton for a little pop of color.

Step Two: With a 12x24 mat, cut out a large envelope image.

Step Three: If you were cutting an envelope out with paper, you would simply glue the side flaps together, but since we're talkin' fabric, sewing is required. I used a simple straight stitch up the sides of the envelope. To give the clutch some structure, I used the plastic lining from the glitter vinyl on top of the fabric.

Step Four: Stitch around the entire clutch  for a finished look.

Step Five: Embellish to your heart's content. I added  snaps on both sides.

Don't my new Cricut tools look stylin'?

Cricut provided me with their fancy new tools and the gold iron-on vinyl. All opinions and awesome projects are 100% my own.


  1. ummm this is pretty darn amazing and genius! Love it!!!

  2. No lie, I have been wondering about creating a bag using my cricut and fabric and you just gave me the inspiration to take the plunge!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
    have a wonderful year!

    1. Do it! I'd love to see pics of the final project!

    2. Hello again Anna Rose :) I am just getting to this project on my long list LOL! And looking at your pics I noticed you used the backing of the vinyl on the fabric side of the flap, did you covered the whole fabric side with it or just the flap and the edges of the "pocket"... Thanks again for sharing this fab idea!
      Have a wonderful day!

    3. Liz- I used the vinyl backing on the entire fabric side. I stuck it to the fabric and folded it up when I sewed the pocket sides. The backing made it so much sturdier, but it was a little hard to sew through. Once you've cut out your fabric clutch, fold up the pocket, pin in place and see whether you think it needs the lining or not.

    4. Thank you Anna Rose, ... I will give it a try and link back to your post, I also wanted to let you know I shared one of the pics from this post and a link back to your with other Cricut enthusiasts :) I hope you don't mind :)
      Once again thanks for sharing and for all your help!
      Have a winderful day!

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