Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Refashion: Shirt + Hi-Low Hem

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I started working on this refashion project a couple of weeks ago. I finally finished it and had to share the results with you!

 Want to make one?

Step One: Create a skirt pattern. I used my favorite maxi skirt and made a pattern from it. Wrapping paper is the perfect medium for DIY pattern paper. I folded the skirt in half to create the pattern.

Step Two: Cut out your fabric using the pattern. When I cut out the pieces, I laid the straight edge of the pattern (the skirt's fold) on the fold of my fabric, cutting the pattern out two times.

Step Three: Sew your two pieces together (right sides facing).

Step Four: Add a t-shirt to the top instead of adding a waistband, just like I did for this dress.

Step Five: After you've connected the shirt to the skirt, try it on and decide on the hem length. I used Rookie Magazine's tutorial for a high-low hem. Their tutorial had the most intuitive pictures for creating the appropriate S shape when cutting the hem.

Step Six: Finished the bottom hem. I zigzagged my raw edge first to prevent fraying an finished the bottom with a shirt tail hem. Here's good tutorial on the shirttail hem

I love it! By using a t-shirt with a little extra detail in the front, I think it made the dress that much more unique.


  1. You look awesome, and your shoes are adorable (k, I know that wasn't the point, but I REALLY like those shoes!)

    1. Thanks Jen! I found them at Ross a few years ago. SUPER score. I'm still in love with them.


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