Saturday, October 12, 2013

How-To: Braided Infinity Scarf

When bundling up against the sudden Fall-chill, you can never have too many scarves in your wardrobe. And because they are so simple to make, there is no need to empty your pocketbook for the latest designs. Lately I've been digging chunky, braided scarves. These two were my favorites and the inspiration for my DIY braided scarf:

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Want to make one for yourself?

Step One: Cut a piece of knit fabric in long pieces, about 12 inches wide and as long as you'd like.

Step Two: Cut those pieces into three strips leaving an inch or so at the top uncut. 

Step Three: Throw those pieces over the top of a door and start braiding.

Step Four: Secure the braid in place by sewing it on the top and bottom.

Step Five: Repeat steps one-four until you have six braided strands.

Step Six: Braid three segments together. Cut the pieces evenly across at the bottom and top and again, sew the top and bottom to secure them.

Step Seven: Sew the two chunky braids together, end to end, creating a loop. The braids will be too thick at this point to sew together on a sewing machine. You'll have to hand sew the pieces together.


A simple, yet chic addition to my scarf collection. It may be my new favorite.

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  1. ah, that's so cute! i made a braided scarf a couple years ago, but i misplaced it! i must make one again!

    lindsey louise


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