Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Child's Card Table, Take 3: Hardtop Edition

I had a reader email and ask about making over a child's card table, but leaving the top unpadded. Ironically enough, I already had a project in the works! My littles really like to color, and padded table tops aren't the best surface for creative drawing. Why not leave the tabletop hard instead of padded?

You'll remember the past two small card tables I made over.

I was really happy to find another tiny table at my local thrift store for $5. This one's legs were in pretty good condition but the top was thrashed. I love how it turned out. Simple and easy projects are the best. Don't you think?

First, I ripped off the ruined top, batting and all.

You're left with a very nice table top. I taped off the legs and simply spray painted the top gray.

Then, I cut out some black numbers using my Cricut and randomly placed them on the top. I made sure the vinyl couldn't be peeled off by applying a few coats of mod podge. If I find the mod podge doesn't hold up, I'll probably take it out to the garage and cover it in a couple coats of poly.

This project was so simple and easy. If you're thinking about throwing out your trashed table, I hope you'll think again! Or, send it to my house. I seem to have an addiction for these things.

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