Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yarn Wrapped "H"

Awhile ago I posted about an ombre flower letter for my daughter's room. I wanted to do something similar for my new baby boy's nursery. I updated an old oval frame and I added a yarn wrapped letter to fill the empty space.

Didn't have my camera, so these are all iPhone pics, sorry.

I found some super bulky yarn at JoAnns that was clearance priced for $2.97. The gray was spot on, so I grabbed two skeins. Once I got home, I started wrapping a chip letterboard I already had.

You really don't need to used a whole ton of glue. I made a thin line with my hot glue gun and it was enough.

Make sure to keep the same tension while wrapping so the look is uniform.

After the letter was covered, I glued on some sticky velcro I had leftover from another project and stuck it to the wall.

The frame happily surrounds the H and the texture the yarn brings into the space is fabulous.

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