Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Antlers in Home Decor

I've been thinking about antlers in home decor  A LOT lately. And I'll tell you why. When we moved into our new home, guess what I found hanging in the tree outside:

This bad boy.
Seriously, the biggest antler I've ever laid eyes on.

But what do I do with it? Do I sell it? Put it in my house? Trash it?

My cousin Sandra loves antlers in decor. Did you read her post a few days ago?

And she's not the only one! There are tons of people taking what once was considered "hunting lodge" decor and modernizing it.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

What should I do? Any suggestions?


  1. In the UK you can buy very pretty mini hanging picture frames in a shop (http://www.oliverbonas.com/homeware/frames_albums/hanging_frame_round_with_bird.htm) not suggesting you buy, as they're not cheap, but you should hang some pics of your fave people from the antlers, and have it either resting on a shelf or hanging on the wall. What-do-ya reckon?! I love this website.

  2. Chop it up and sell it to people w/ dogs. Antler sections are great chew toys. You can then use the money to buy something you love for your home.

  3. Antlers are always one of those weird objects that can be either fabulous or a disaster. I think that the antler wreath in the first picture is acceptable. Keep us updated on what you decide to do.

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