Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mid Century Modern Clock Makeover

I have been scouring all my favorite haunts for a clock in my nursery and almost passed this one by at the thrift shop. Maybe it was the weird Star Trek hand that threw off my vision. After a second glance, I knew it had the mid century potential I wanted and would only take a few tweaks to fix.
The first thing to go was the spaceship. I just clipped off the edges and then sanded down the sides with a nail file. Originally, I was planning on taping everything off or freehand painting the dials, but upon further inspection realized I could just pop them off--even better. 

To remember what went where, I stuck each piece into cardboard with the original layout. The only white Dual spray paint I had was flat, so I used it to prime and then went over it with some white gloss I had from Rustoleum.

After the paint dried, I reattached the hardware and hung the beauty up. At a total cost of six bucks and minimal time, this was a rewarding project that reminded me why I love doing DIY.

Eclectic design is what I am always drawn to and makes me happy. The retro modern look of this clock mixed with some of the other vintage items works perfect in my nursery!


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