Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kid's Nook with Cricut Iron-On Vinyl

If you've been watching my Dream Home board on Pinterest, you'll see that I have several different pins of under-the-stairs play areas saved.

In our basement remodel, we've converted the under-the-stairs area into a tiny playroom for little E. Right now it looks like a mess, but I've been experimenting with decor ideas while the paint dries and carpet is installed. Of course, this is just a mock setup, but I pretty happy with the direction it's taking:

Cricut just release some seriously amazing iron-on vinyl and I used their hot pink color to make a few pieces for the nook. I'm hoping to use more hot pink and light blue in the space. Maybe in organizational bins?

I used the Mini Sampler Cartridge (standard quilt) to create the pillow.

I used Sandra's DIY pillow tutorial for a quick and easy accent for her miniature leather chair.

Then with the extra pieces cut out from all of the circles, I made some embroidery hoop art.

I'll be honest, I like the flower art better than the pillow! It just feels so fresh and fun. 

And I can't tell you how easy Cricut's iron-on vinyl is to work with. Remember all that time I spent cutting, peeling contact paper and painting for projects like this in the past?  I LOVE this new solution and see many more projects in the future.

Cricut isn't releasing the iron-on vinyl until next week, but since they love me so much, Cricut is offering all How-To Gal readers a special promotion pack. You can get the Cricut Iron-on Bundle for $199.99 (normally $319.95)! Or you can get $15 off your Cricut Iron-on Sample Pack!


  1. LOVE your pillow! I can't wait to start using this heat transfer!!!

    1. Thank you Katie! It really is amazing stuff. I keep asking myself why I didn't think of it first :)


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