Thursday, April 11, 2013

Color Indecision and Inspiration

My mind has been focused on color lately. Wall color, carpet color, tile color, paint color, door color...the list goes on and on. Color inspiration is essential when renovating or redoing a home.

To aid in my color search I browse online, a lot. Hey, what else is there to do when the kids are asleep? Clean? Psh. My favorite haunts to find beautifully decorated rooms are places like, Pinterest and But really, color inspiration is easy to find. From Pantone's color of the year (Emerald) to Blue sapphire engagement rings to beautiful gray couches, inspiration is everywhere.

Loving emerald right now. Truth be told, I love it in fashion more than home decor.

Gray couches. Swoon. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday? :)

After all of my searching and research, I finally settled on a gray-tone for the walls. Remember my inspiration board? I think gray will be beautiful canvas for the bright blues, greens and golds I want in the room.

 The only issue is that there are four million different shades of gray. I'm serious. Don't believe me? I went through four different color books and had nightmares about color names like sweatshirt, elephant, concrete, charleston and silver bullet. With the help of an awesome sales guy at Kwal paint, I am now the proud owner of six colors of gray paint cans. Yes, I narrowed it down to six. And each of them is painted on my entry room wall:

My dad made me take this picture when I told him I wasn't indecisive. 

Yeah, I guess I'm a little indecisive. Who wouldn't be when it comes to picking the color for your entire house to be painted? We finally decided on a color of gray though. See that large patch in the bottom left corner? It's called "Silver Lining" from Kwal paint. Depending on the lighting, time of day and angle you look at it, the color changes. I love it.

My contractor is almost finished painting the basement and I should have pictures to show the end of next week! Eek! So excited.

How about you? What colors are you crushing over?

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