Friday, April 12, 2013

$5 Doormat to Statement Rug

Do you ever see something beautiful and think, "I could make that!" I do. It is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, once a project is complete, I look back at the hours spent and think, "I should have just bought it!" 

This was not one of those projects. From start (buying the before rug) to finish (putting it in front of my door) the project took me an hour and a half. 

You see, about a month ago I was inspired by one of Nate Berkus' beautiful arrowhead rug at Target. But for $30, I figured I could make one of my own for less. 

And I did. I picked up a $5 black rug from Wal-Mart and got to work.

Step One: I cut my triangles out of Cricut's new iron-on vinyl in gray.

Step Two: Measured my rug to see where best to put my three rows of triangles.

Step Three: Marked three lines down the rug with white crayon.

Step Four: Arranged the points of my triangles on the line drawn and ironed in place.
Helpful Hint- When ironing Cricut's iron-on vinyl onto carpet, you need to hold the iron in place for at least a minute (instructions say 30 sec) because it is such a heavy material. In fact, once the triangles were stuck pretty well to the carpet, I peeled off the outer lining and ironed the triangles again with a towel over the top. This adhered the vinyl right down into the threads of the carpet.

Lovely! It isn't a perfect match to the inspiration, but I think I like it better. Bigger triangles, more personality AND I made it for $5. Go me!


  1. LOVE the mat, it looks so fun now!

  2. Thanks Amy! I love taking something ordinary and giving it my own personality. :)


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