Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To: Quilted Geometric Chevron Baby Blanket

Did you know on Black Friday Jo-Ann's has all their flannel for sale at $1.49 or less? Pretty amazing, right?! This year, I made sure to drop in and stock up for baby blankets and burp clothes.

I wanted a more substantial blanket than just a chenille or flannel backing would provide. To give it a little more warmth, I added a layer of the thinnest batting I could find.

This mint and navy fabric instantly caught my eye. I love how it incorporates the chevron into a fun, geometric pattern.

I picked a bright marigold orange as my accent for string and bias tape. To quilt it, I used the same technique Anna Rose did with her quilted chevron placemats and chevron baby blanket. It was as simple as following the lines of the pattern. I think the key to successfully quilting a blanket with a regular sewing machine is to make sure the pattern is not too small and is fairly simple to follow.

Pin and sew bias tape.

Voila! It is done and all ready to snuggle a little baby.

Can you believe I spent almost 50 bucks for someone to machine-quilt the blanket I made for my daughter's crib three years ago? I will definitely be doing it myself this time around.

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