Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 Posts From 2012

For our family's annual Christmas card, I went back and counted all of the projects I've done here at The How-To Gal this year. The number I came up with was 52 - a pretty impressive number if you ask me. That means I did at least one project a week for the entire year. With two kiddos, that is quite a feat! As I contemplate where the adventures of The How-To Gal will take me in 2013, I can only hope I can keep up with this year's numbers. During my search through 2012's projects, I compiled the top 12 projects (according to page views) from this year. Any guesses which one received the most views ? (*answer at the bottom of this post)

How about you? What was your favorite project of 2012?

*** If you guessed the Easy Maxi Skirt as the post with the most views in 2012 you would be correct!

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