Thursday, November 8, 2012

To-Do List: DIY Craft Room Organization

My little crafting area is our home's command center. I do everything there: pay bills, craft, sew, research home insurance, name it! Unfortunately, I don't have a craft room, just a craft "area." Because it is so small, organization is key. To make matters worse, I recently upgraded from a laptop to a desktop computer and my small space now feels even smaller. I needed some craft room organization inspiration and compiled a to-do board of things to keep my craft clutter in check.

P.S. If you see Santa, tell him what I really want for Christmas is my very own craft room!


  1. I saw Santa passing by with a HUGE sack - may be it's your new crafts room;-) Fingers crossed;-)

    1. Oh, I hope you're right Maria! I've been dreaming of a new craft room for a very long time ;)


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