Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Techie Tuesday: Turning on the "Reply" Function for Comments in Blogger

For a really long time I've wanted to be able to directly reply to your comments instead of leaving an additional comment. Well, I finally figured out how to do it and am sharing my wonderful discovery with you. It really is quite simple.

Sign into your Blogger Dashboard. Click on Settings. Select Posts and Comments. On Comment Location, click the drop down menu and select Embedded. Save your newly changed settings.

That's it! Now you'll be able to directly reply to a reader's comment. Easy, huh? 


  1. Thanks for posting! Just switched my blog's settings :)

  2. Anna Rose,
    This may be a silly question, but would the commenter receive any kind of notification that you left a reply??

    1. Good question! Let's test it. Did you get an email saying I replied to your comment?


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