Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinterest Party: Ceramic Paint Pens

My friends and I had our first ever Pinterest party this weekend and we had a blast with ceramic paint pens. Everyone brought their own ceramic mugs, but you could do this project on anything ceramic. All of the mugs turned out so awesome, I made them pose for a picture. Friends, please forgive me!

Here was the inspiration board I made to get our creative juices flowing:

Sorry, don't have sources for all of these images. I simply searched for "Ceramic Mugs" on Pinterest and these were my favorite.

Want to make some of your own? Do it! Here's how easy it is:

Step One: Gather supplies. You'll need a ceramic paint marker and ceramic mugs. We found ours at the Dollar Store and Tai Pan. We used these Decoart Glass Paint Markers and were pretty happy with the results.

Step Two: Clean the surface you want to paint with a little windex.

Step Three: Start painting!

Step Four: Let dry for four hours (or whatever dry time your particular ceramic marker recommends)

Step Five: Bake!

It really is that easy. Have fun!

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