Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How-To: Fix Shattered Eyeshadow

Mac eyeshadow is one of my favorite beauty tools, but I hate how easily they seem to break up. At around $15 dollars a piece, I definitely keep them even when they shatter and end up with a huge mess in my makeup case because of it.

I've seen several tutorials on Pinterest on how to fix your broken makeup and decided to give it a try.

 My eyeshadows are in the small, round containers but it works for all sizes.

It is all done with a little rubbing alcohol. While fixing mine, it took more than a few drops as some of the tutorials recommended. I live in a drier climate, so that might be the cause but just make sure it is a nice muddy like texture and don't focus on the amount of alcohol as much.

 Using my finger to rub it smooth, was the best technique for me.

 Not quite as perfect as when I first purchased it, but much improved.

Leave overnight and all the rubbing alcohol will dry out and be ready for the morning.


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