Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY: Side Table Transformed

Whenever I am considering purchasing a piece to makeover, it has to have some visual interest. I want something that will really pop once it is painted one color.

 I loved the hexagon shape, the little feet and the wicker panels on this side table.

 Faux wood design MDF is never a good idea. Who ever thought it was?

I covered up all the cheap looking MDF and plastic with Krylon Dual in white. Seriously people, this stuff is worth its weight in gold. Krylon Dual will cover up ANYTHING with its double-duty spraying power. I use the flat version when I'm simply priming.

Once the paint had dried, I went over the piece with a very fine grit piece of sandpaper to get rid of any rough texture on the surface.

To clean up the paint dust left behind from the sanding, I used some tack cloth.

I painted a final coat of Rustoleum's Gloss White oil-based protective enamel paint to finish it off. Krylon has a nice glossy white spray paint that would have worked as well - but I didn't have any on hand. USE what you have, that's my motto!

I reattached the original hardware and she sits in my living room, beautiful all shiny and white!

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