Thursday, October 25, 2012

To-Do List: DIY Kitchen Organization

The organizing bug bites me about twice a year: Spring and Fall. Leaves are falling 'round these parts so my house has been turned upside down, once again, in my attempt to put everything in its place. Perhaps it's the onset of cold weather and being cooped up with two kids, but I find it therapeutic to clean and sort. Of course, knowing me, if I need organization elements I turn to my DIY nature to solve the problem.

I've been looking for a cutlery tray to organize my kitchen drawers and turned to my top three places for DIY organization tips: Martha Stewart, Pinterest and Better Homes and Gardens. Of course, my looking turned into hours of scouring through the plethora of fun links and projects. Does that ever happen to you? Well, it got me thinking about all the ways I could organize my kitchen and I compiled my favorite ideas. Want to see what I found?
DIY Kitchen Organization Solutions

Have any kitchen, space saving tips for me?

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  1. very helpful links thanks alooooooot for them u saved my kitchen


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