Monday, October 8, 2012

Painted Arrow Onesie

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was wonderful. It is getting pretty chilly here in Utah, so I spent the weekend snuggling this little one:

 Isn't he a doll? Notice that my love of arrows has now transferred to my children's clothes? 

With a sheet of freezer paper, a Krylon Bright Paint Pen and an electronic cutting machine, you can make one, too!

 Krylon sent me one of their Bright Paint Pens to test out. For a small project, it worked wonders. The best part about using the paint pen = NO MESS to clean up. No paint brushes, no paint tray to clean. You shake the pen just as you would a can of spray paint and press the tip on a scrap piece of paper until the paint starts flowing. I love the bright orange and I love the final results.

When using the paint pen on fabric, you must wait for 72 hours to wash it. And I would recommend washing the outfit before will smell like paint. I turned the onsie inside out and washed it with the rest of my clothes with no problems.

It helps that my little guy looks cute in anything :) I may be a little biased though!

***I made this cute outfit in conjunction with Krylon and Cricut. ***

P.S. I hope you've entered the Cricut giveaway so you can win one of your own!


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