Friday, October 12, 2012

Child's Desk Makeover

When I first saw this piece, my initial reaction was that it was super short.  Walking by it a second time, I realized while it wouldn't work as a dresser, the proportions of this piece were perfect as a desk for my daughter and so my project began.

I am sure all Moms curse the individual who created permanent markers.

The poor thing had definitely seen some abuse before I got my hands on it. Nothing a little DIY couldn't fix and due to the neglect I got it for fifteen bucks.

It was really hard for me to decide on what I wanted to do with it. The desk had such beautiful vintage curves and the wood itself was in great condition. My DIY conscience kept wanting to stay true to the piece's origin and stain instead of paint.

With staining in mind, I did the hard work of sanding the whole thing down to the raw wood with my orbital sander. Then, common sense started creeping in. While I wanted it to be gorgeous, it also needed to be functional. Since the desk was meant to be used by children, it needed a more durable and easy to clean surface than a stain could provide. Out came the paintbrush and paint. I hesitated just a little with the first stroke.

Three coats later and I was very happy with my choice. The high gloss gray finish made the piece feel fun, current and youthful. The paint I used was from Rustoleum's oil based enamel line and is Smoke Gray.

I love the original hardware and didn't mess with it.

It fits just so under the window in the playroom and is the perfect size for my little sunshine.

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