Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ombre Flower Letter

While perusing ideas for my daughter's birthday party, I came across the image of this flower letter "A" and knew I wanted to make something similar. After finding the chip letterboards at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 (minus my 40 percent off coupon) it came to fruition.

Yellow would have been adorable, but I didn't want to go to all that work just for a birthday decoration, so I made a few adjustments. I used fake flowers instead of real and changed the tone to pink to match the color scheme of her room.

I already had a ton of these mini flowers on stems from other parties I had decorated for, so being my thrifty self I opted to use supplies I already owned. It actually made the project better because I did not have enough of one color to fill the whole letter and pushed me in the ombre direction.

To glue the flower on, I pinched the flower buds between my two fingers and ripped them completely off the stem. This way, there was no bulky underneath part to deal with. A dob of hot glue on the bottom and then attach it to the letter. You want to squish the flowers together a little, but not too much so that the flower does not open up when you let go.

Many rows, hot glue sticks, a few burns and you are done. This is definitely a project you want to do while watching a movie or show.

For the party, it hung in the center of a wreath in the entryway.

After the party, it went in my daughter's room. My original idea was to place it just in front of the lamp on the dresser. However, I had used gray ribbon to attach it to the wreath for the birthday party and decided to use it to attach to the lampshade hardware, so it could hang front and center instead.


  1. Katherine, this post is by my guest blogger Sandra. Her daughter's name starts with an "N". :)

  2. :) gotcha :) I was super confused for a bit.


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