Monday, September 3, 2012

Elastic Band Skirt: I Did It! Series

My LA Fabric District stash is next on my to-do project list. I've started to envision projects for all of the fun fabric and have been pinning inspirational images onto a special Pinterest board.

My first attempt at using up the fabric is this SUPER simple, elastic waist band skirt.
I used a tutorial from Make It and Love It (my favorite sewing tutorial website) for the overall idea.

She calls it "The Fastest Skirt You'll Ever Make." Obviously I tweaked it for a larger customizing the measurements, but it totally worked! The elastic I used was three inches thick with ruffles along the top which I think added a special touch.

How-To Gal Tips:
  • This really is a simple skirt to make! No matter your skill level, I promise, you can do it!
  • Don't be afraid to really yank on your elastic. Mine was pretty stiff and if I didn't really give it a good pull, the fabric wouldn't have lined up evenly. Remember, the fabric needs to match up with your four, strategically placed pins on your elastic.
  • Don't cut the bottom of your fabric off until you're ready to hem. Once the sides are sewn and your elastic is in place, try the skirt on and then decide how long you'd like it to be.
Check out the other posts in my "I Did It! Series" HERE.

P.S. I'm in the market for a serger. Any suggestions on which kind is the best at a reasonable price point?

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