Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wrought Iron Woes Solved

Who else used Tai Pan as their source of inspiration for home decor when they first purchased their home?

I admit, I bought into the whole Tuscan style that I hate now and am slowly getting rid of throughout my house. Which is precisely why these wrought iron squares had to go. I paid good money for them though (purchased before my thrifting saviness began) and I couldn't just get rid of them. So, I overhauled them and now love how they look flanking my mirror.
To paint, I did a coat of Kilz spray paint primer and then used a brush to paint more primer in all the nooks and crannies that were too difficult to hit with the spray can. My finish coat was white, gloss Krylon Dual.  

The finish of the primer is somewhat different on wrought iron then when going on wood or other surfaces. I think it is because the wrought iron is so porous, but it is almost chalky. Don't worry, the top coat has its normal finish.

My first thought on this project was to cut two square pieces of wood and then wrap the material around them and attach to the wrought iron. After thinking it through, I realized they wouldn't lay flush to the wall and nixed the idea and just used my linen.

Line one side of your wrought iron piece with hot glue and attach the material. Stretch the material over tight and glue down sections at a time for the finished side.

See, very nice and taught.

My design faux pas has now become one of the highlights of the room.

How have you made over some of you purchase regrets?

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