Friday, August 17, 2012

Steppin' Up

You may recall past posts about step stools I've given a How-To Gal makeover: Footstool and Child's Step Stool. You may say I have an obsession with them as of late (I have two more in my garage waiting to be refinished). Step stools just make it so much easier for my little girl to do things herself, that I can't resist having one in each room of the house!

Here's my latest victim. Found this little beauty at my local thrift store for $1:

And turned her into something I love:

Here's What I Did:

Step One: Lightly sanded down the surface of the step stool.
Step Two: Sprayed the bottom, sides and top edge with two coats of cream spray paint.
Step Three: After the stool was dry I made a template of the top out of tissue paper. I then used the template to cut out an oval to cover the top.
Step Four: Mod podged the paper to the top. Once the paper was dry, I applied two coats of mod podge to the top.
Step Five: After the mod podge had cured, I painted two coats of polyurethane (following the instructions on the back of the package) to seal the top and give it added durability.


  1. I'm dying to know where your favorite thrift store is. Do you go to DI? Or someplace more fabulous?

  2. Emily, this stool is actually from the DI in American Fork! I stop there when I'm in the area, about once a month or so. My most favorite thrift stores:

    Deseret Industries- for furniture and home decor. DI is willing to negotiate on furniture but their clothes are over priced IMO.

    Savers- for clothes, shoes and sometimes home decor. Savers has good furniture sometimes, I just think they over price it. Also, they have 1/2 off sales every so often and EVERY Monday, a certain colored item is $0.99

    I totally wish I had a Goodwill or Salvation Army nearby - those were my go-to places when I lived in Montana.


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