Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cream and Gold Toddler Shoes Refashion

I picked these beauties up at a garage sale for a dollar. They were in really good condition and the perfect size for my adorable two year old.  With their boring cream base, they were screaming to have something done to them.

First things first, throw those suckers in the wash. When they only cost a buck you can take the risk of them falling apart in the washer. Better that than taking the risk of where they might have been.

Measure the center, mark off and tape. Normally I would use painter's tape, but I was all out. I had such an adhesive friendly surface, I figured masking tape would suffice.

My Simply Screen gold fabric paint didn't have enough dimension to it, so I mixed in just a tad or my Martha Living gold paint to it in a bowl and applied.

Painted the strap and toe and then went over the whole shoe with a coat of clear protectant to seal it.

Whether young or old, shoes are a girl's best friend!

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