Monday, July 23, 2012

I {Heart} O'verlays: Easily Upgrade your Furniture

What do you do when you have boring furniture and no funds for an upgrade? Spice it up of course! 

Exhibit A, my IKEA Expedit bookshelf:

There really is nothing wrong with it, BUT it is boring. Bottom can tell it is a shelf from IKEA. I contacted Danika and Cheryle at O'verlays for help and they graciously sent me their new Xandra O'verlay to try out.

All O'verlays are originally white, letting your creative juices decide the perfect color for your space.

Each piece must then be attached to your furniture using some sort of heavy-duty adhesive. O'verlays recommends Liquid Nails.

From start to finish, the O'verlays process is a cinch. 

Step One: Paint your O'verlay pieces in an upright position. Because it will be attached to a piece of furniture, all of the sides and inside the cutouts need to receive a good coat of paint. I used Rusteoleum's hammered metal paint in brown. I wanted my O'verlay to add depth to the side of the bookshelf, but not stand out too much.

Step Two: Glue the O'verlay onto your furniture. Because my IKEA bookshelf is "wood" I decided to use a wood adhesive I already had on hand. It worked like a charm.

Step Three: Ensure the O'verlay has a good hold on your piece. I pressed and held the O'verlay in place and then wiped up the extra glue with a paper towel and plastic scraper. 

I love, love, love the results. When you walk into my bedroom (where the bookshelf lives) it looks like I have a custom bookshelf with intricate details...instead of a boring IKEA Expedit bookshelf! I really like how the hammered metal adds depth to the sides.

What do you think?

Thank you to Danika and Cheryle at O'verlays. They sent me the Xandra O'verlays to try out, but all opinions are 100% mine :)

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