Friday, July 20, 2012

Heart Screen Printed Shirt: I Did It! Series

For my I Did It! project this week, I wanted to try the screen printing technique that has been floating around Pinterest. See the pin HERE.

Basically, you use an embroidery hoop with a nylon stretched across it as your template. After tracing your shape on the stretched nylon, you paint around that shape with mod podge. After the mod podge is dry, you place the hoop on your shirt and add paint!

It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but I'm happy with my results:

How-To Gal Tips:
  • Use a small brush to get as close to the edge of your design with the mod podge. You can hold the embroidery hoop up to the light to see where the mod podge has taken hold. I didn't have mine clear to the edge of my heart and had to do touch-ups later.
  • BE PATIENT! Let the mod podge thoroughly dry before printing on your shirt. The original tutorial to wait four hours...but I just put it out of my mind and waited until the next day so I wouldn't mess it up with impatience.
  • Use fabric paint and heat set the paint according to the paint's directions. If you don't, it could come off in the wash.

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