Monday, July 30, 2012

Freezer Paper Love/Elov T-Shirt

Excuse the pun, but I LOVE this sweater by Zoe Karssen. But $'ve got to be joking me.

I decided to whip up a similar design for little E with a cute, but plain, purple shirt.

Step One:
Print out the letters L O V E and a giant X. I used lower case letters for my little girl.

Step Two:
Trace onto the papery side of a piece of freezer paper and cut out design.

Step Three:
Iron freezer paper onto your shirt with the waxy side down. 

Can you spot my mistake??? Because I started with the L on top, it design doesn't look like LOVE when you first look at the shirt. Be sure to start with the L on the left hand side and the move around the X with the other letters.

Step Four:
Paint the design, let dry and carefully tear off the freezer paper.

Oh well, she's still cute...and around here we don't just love life, we ELOV life :)


  1. When you cut the letter O from the freezer paper, there will be a hole right? So, how did you fix that? You cut a small dot and put on the center?
    Just being curious...
    Wish, you have the "name URL option for commenting...

  2. Bindu-

    I kept the tiny circle I cut out of the O and ironed it in the center. Worked like a charm :)

    I think name URL commenting is only available with WordPress. If you know how to implement it in Blogger, I would love to know how!

    Anna Rose


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