Friday, June 22, 2012

Star Power

Recently while garage saling, I found a metal star for $1. There was nothing wrong with it (except a little dust) but you may remember that when I refinished my door last year, I stained it a dark, chocolate brown. This star was way too dark to look good on it.

I broke out a roll of paintable wall paper I purchased on clearance a few years ago and covered every side with a piece. Instead of using the wall paper's adhesive, I modpodged the pieces onto the star.

Helpful hint: When working with an oddly shaped piece like this, use a piece of tissue paper to make a pattern so you don't waste any paper.

Finally, I gave it a coat of cream paint to fill in any gaps between the paper.

 Now my door looks patriotic without going overboard. I love it!


  1. Thanks Emily! You probably saw it up close and personal the other day when you came to drop off books :)

  2. I love how the paper gave it great texture. But,I think it would look even better red. You know how I love red stars.


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