Saturday, June 23, 2012

How-To Train for a Marathon/Half-Marathon

As most of you know, although I love my time spent doing crafty and refurbishing projects, I have a day job. Well, not a typical day job - I work from home as a content writer for They allow me to stay home with my babes while still bringing in extra income for my family.

A site I have been working on for awhile was published a few days ago reviewing heart rate monitor watches. I am pretty proud of it and especially proud of a piece I wrote on how to train for a long distance race like a marathon and half-marathon. I'll share a snippet here on the blog, but I hope you'll hop over to the full article to read more.

There is nothing more thrilling than crossing the finish line of a long distance race that you’ve been training hard for. Endorphins are pumping, muscles are burning and that “runner’s high” you hear so much about kicks in. But it is a long time coming to this point. You need to properly train to finish a long distance race without seriously injuring yourself. Staying motivated, training safely and maintaining good nutrition are three key steps you must take before crossing that finish line.

Read more HERE.

Here I am finishing the Utah Valley Half-Marathon in 2011. Yes, yes...I get really red when I run. 

I'm currently training for the Hobble Creek Half this year!

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