Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Refashion: Toddler Dress from Women's Dress

I'm trying to overcome my fear of my sewing machine by doing a sewing project everyday. A few days ago, I followed Ashley's tutorial from Make It and Love It on how to make toddler dress from a t-shirt and a women's skirt and came up with this:

My little girl loves it, and I only semi-cursed a few times in the sewing process.

How-To Gal Tips:
  • Try the shirt on your little model and measure just below her rib cage. Add seam allowance to that measurement. Same with the skirt.  I tried to eyeball it first like Ashley did and the dress was WAY too long and I had to hem it up. I used an old dress of mine and cut it off at the arm pits. Then, I should have slid it on my model and measured from the bottom of the skirt where I wanted it to hit her, all the way up to just below her rib cage (that way I could have used the skirt's professional hem). Add seam allowance to that measurement.
  • When matching up the t-shirt to the skirt, turn the shirt inside out and slide the skirt inside the shirt. I don't know why I couldn't envision how to match up the right sides together...but I couldn't until I realized to slide the skirt inside the shirt. Silly me!
P.S. How much do you love Ashley? She is a total inspiration everyday.


  1. I'm impressed! It turned out really cute! I don't have a sewing machine and probably won't overcome my fear of sewing for quite some time so I'll live through you. :)

  2. Amazing! I used to have the same shoes when I was little. I'm going to try this!


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