Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How-To: Make Thrifted Shoes New

My little girl's feet are growing so fast it is hard to keep her in shoes that fit! AND since I am so cheap thrifty, I refuse to pay $14 for a pair of shoes she will wear like three times to church before she needs a new pair. Recently she needed a new pair of black church shoes and when I saw this pale pink pair for $1.50 at the thrift store I knew I had scored.

How-To Make Thrifted Shoes New

Find a pair of shoes with a good sole. These little shoes looked brand new from the bottom and a little beat up from the top.

Take the fabric lining out of your shoes to use as a pattern

Fold a piece of fabric in half with the print on the inside of the fold, trace your shoes' lining

You'll end up with a left and right piece

Spray the pieces with craft bond spray adhesive

I find it easier to squish the fabric piece in half and then slide into the shoe

Stuff the shoes with tissue paper, plastic bags, whatever...and spray paint whatever color you want.

Voila! A brand new paid of black church shoes for the little one.


  1. such a good idea!Loved it!I will try it for my youngest daughter with big sister old shoes.thanks


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