Thursday, March 1, 2012

Memory Matching Game

Martha Stewart's latest memory matching game kicked me into high gear to make one of my own.

I firmly believe in using what you have, so instead of using a paper punch like she did, I just used scrap fabric for the matching game.

 I'm really happy with how it turned out. Tested it out on Sunday during church and my little one loved it.

Head to Martha's page for her tutorial, or follow along with mine:
 Have you seen these cute mini albums from KaiserCraft? You get 12 pages (3.125 squares) for around $3-4 or about $0.33 a square. Martha suggests using Woodworks which charge about $0.24 per square and you have to buy 25 of them. I actually purchased about five packs of the KaiserCraft mini albums for $1 when a local craft store went out of I totally got a steal!

I broke my mini albums down into their pages and cut off the connecting pieces with a pair of scissors.
Slathered them with my homemade version of mod podge (60% Elmers glue, 40% water...shake, shake, shake!)

Stuck 2 inch squares of fabric on one side for the matching game and 3 inch squares of all the same fabric on the front. Coated each side with at least three layers. Let dry. Then I sprayed each side with clear coat for a super-shiny finish!


  1. Cute. Can't wait to do this for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Katie, I hope you do! Send pictures my way when you finish. I would love to see your finished project!


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