Sunday, February 12, 2012

14 Ways- Day Thirteen: Date Box

The worst part about going on a date is figuring out what to do on that date. No? My husband always says he would take me out on more dates if he could think of fun things to do.

I had just the solution for that! A date box filled with date ideas...things I would like to do. And a few he would, too!

I wrote the date ideas on little hearts and then folded them into tiny envelopes. Here's how to do it:
Fold your paper in half and cut out a heart.

Make sure the heart is symmetrical and as wide as it is tall. The size doesn't matter too much, I just found that this type of heart was easier to fold.

Write your date ideas on the back of the heart.

Fold the rounded sides of the heart over, making the sides flat.

Flip the heart around so the pointy tip is on top. Fold the rounded heart part up.

Fold the tip down to form your little envelope! Isn't it cute???

Make a ton of little heart envelopes and stick them in your Date Box. Secure the envelope's flap if you wish.

Next time you can't think of what to do on your date, pull out an idea!

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