Friday, January 6, 2012

The Very Busy Spider- DIY Bow Holder

 I love Eric Carle. If I could afford to purchase every single one of his books today, I totally would. For Christmas, my parents gave little E, The Very Busy Spider and she asks to read it on a daily basis.

 Spider's webs truly fascinate me- so beautiful and delicate, yet sturdy. Wouldn't it be lovely, I thought one day, to have a bow holder with the same design?

So, I took an old wood frame my parents gave me that had no glass or back and started weaving my own web of turquoise yarn.

 I went from side to side, stapled, then to the top, stapled, down, stapled, etc.

 I continued this pattern until I had a fantastic web-like design.

It isn't symmetrical like a real spider's web, but that's okay with me.

Looks like our spider was able to catch all of those bows floating around our house!

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