Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Faves: Things I'm Loving Right Now

 I am in love with a few items lately and thought I'd spread the love to all of you! P.S. These are all 100% my one put me up to this.
I went a little crazy tonight at  Nesting mode has definitely set in and I just want to make, decorate, and buy everything "boy" in sight. If these purchases come to fruition in the projects I'm envisioning, I'll be sure to share :)'s prices are leagues better than anything I have found locally and their selection is amazing. Best of all, shipping is free when you spend $35...which, my friends, is very easy to do!

I'll admit, I was a little skeptical at first when my friend introduced this stuff to me. I am a true-blue fan of Tacky Glue and was not quick to trust a new kind of glue. Boy did I convert fast.
This stuff lives up to all of the claims on the bottle. So far I have used it to make a repair on a thrift store find (crib bumper), create felt bows and enhance a little backpack for little E. Its quick dry time is amazing.

Circle Punch 
I broke down and bought myself a 2-inch circle punch and I am in love. Remember when I cut all those circles out for little E's 1st birthday party? No more. Now I can happily punch them out in the comfort of my home without hand cramps. Next up, perhaps a circle mobile?
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This is my go-to site for online coupon codes.

 There have only been a few times it has let me down - most of the time saving me at least 20% on my online orders. Most recently, it saved me $10 on!

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