Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Easy Way to Say "I Love You"

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to tell my family more often how much I love them. I personally love little love notes. Probably because my dad is pro at leaving love notes for you just when you need one. When I was growing up I would find notes in my lunch, a sticky note on my mirror or a scribbled note packed in my suitcase when I was headed on a school trip. To this day, when I go home to visit, I will find notes to my mom from my dad stuck all over the house.

I am not as good at remembering to leave notes, so the other day when I found this fantastic paper at my local scrapbook store... a plan formed:

I grabbed a few $1 frames

Cut my paper to match the size of the frame's insert

Bought sticky velcro circles and some dry erase markers

Stuck the fuzzy velcro circle to my pen

And the stuck the scratchy velcro circle to the back of my frame

It made the perfect hiding spot for my marker!

Now I have a little area I can write love notes to my honey bun. He sees it as soon as he comes up to our room and because it is in our room, I am reminded to change the note daily :)

I made one for little E, too.

Voila! A simple and convenient way to tell the ones I love how much I care!


  1. WHat a cute idea! I wonder if I could find that paper. Any idea what it's called?

  2. That's such a lovely idea! Love it

  3. @Polly- The paper is Teen Debate Team by American Crafts. I found a link to it here but it looks like it is discontinued. No wonder I got such a good deal on the paper!! Hope you can find something similar!


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