Monday, September 5, 2011

My Royal Footstool

While out garage sale hunting a couple weeks ago, I scored this little footstool and a pile of clothes for $5.

It had a beautifully hand hooked top, but just wasn't my style.

So I removed the legs and the took the stool's covering off.

Then I used the original top and sandwiched it between several layers of regular quilt batting.

Covered the sandwich with leftover fabric from this project and stapled it into place.

Took a quick trip outside and sprayed the legs black. When dry, I took them inside and reassemble the footstool.
 And put my feet up, finally. 


  1. Wow, I would have paid you almost anything you wanted for that foot stool before you took it apart. They are very rare!!!!

  2. i love this, you refurbish so many things, it just inspires me :)

  3. The Royal footstool is a rich stool. It shapes an excellent entire with the Royal Rocker armchair. take my online class for me. Despite the fact that they are intended for the infant room, they additionally look incredible in each room in the house.


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