Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3M Frameworks Couple Speak GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Last weekend I convinced my husband to install the built-in garage shelves I've been wanting for TWO years. The only reason he finally conceded to the job had a little to do with nudging from his cousin and a LOT to do with help from our next door neighbor (whom I bribed with snickerdoodles and homemade salsa). The project is done and I couldn't be happier. Best of all, my marriage is still intact after another DIY project.

 The shelves go all around the top of the garage and over the door into the house.

 We used the same concept I showed you in our built-in desk to create these shelves. The only difference are the support beams.

Remember the CoupleSpeak contest going on at 3M Frameworks' Facebook Page? Every week they give away $250 for an entertaining CoupleSpeak translation. And if you submit a CoupleSpeak video you could win $5000!!

I guess you could say our garage shelves Couple Speak included a third person and went a little something like this:

Me: It would be so nice to have overhead storage space in the garage! (I wonder how many years I'll have to say this before he gets it)

Hubby: I think you've organized things pretty well already. (I'm never helping with this project)

Cousin: I would totally help one weekend if you needed me! (I can see this is a point of contention...I should volunteer to help)

Hubby: Okay, let's do it next Saturday! (Maybe with help I can finish in one day and she'll stop nagging me)

Luckily for me, 3M sent one of their sample packs to try out and it couldn't have come at a better time. All of the products helped in making our garage shelf project go much smoother. I loved all of the 3M products (hello, Scotch Blue Tape is the BEST), but my favorite was the eye wear.

My hubby graciously posed to show off the glasses. Most protective eye wear is bulky and uncomfortable, but the 3M glasses fit comfortably on my face and my husband's, just like a pair of sunglasses.
I am so excited that today 3M has offered to give away a sample pack to ONE lucky How-To Gal reader!

The Sample Pack Includes:

2 3M LeadCheck Swabs
1 Roll of Scotch Blue
3 Stages of Sanding (green, maroon, gold sandpaper)
1 gloves, respirator, eye wear

The Rules
In order to be eligible for the giveaway you must:

1) Participate in the translation sweepstakes being hosted on the 3M Framework Facebook Page (you will have to Like the page as well in order to participate).
2) Post a comment on this post saying that you participated.
3) The comment must include your translation. I want to read all of them!!!

The best part about this giveaway is that not only are you entering to win the sample product pack, but you could win $250 for your translation!! The winner of the sample pack will be chosen a week from today, Wednesday, September 14th.

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  1. Liked
    Honey, the cat got out again.
    Translation, The window screens need replaced.

  2. I love to paint and have been needing to get a mask. Would love to try out that tape.

  3. What a great prize package.. I liked them on facebook and entered this translation

    She says: "Hey honey do you want to ride with me to home depot?

    She means: "Will you please go to home depot with me and bring your wallet with you?"

  4. "Honey! I got this new tool set for you"
    Translation: Our house is falling apart, and you're gonna fix it.

  5. LOVE all of the translations!! Awesome job ladies :)


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