Monday, June 27, 2011

Marseilles Shabby Apple Dress

It's my birthday this week, yup, the big 2-5. I will be celebrating it at Girls Camp surrounded by dirt (or mud), bugs and hormonal girls... :) So imagine my excitement when Shabby Apple contacted me to review one of their vintage dresses. I chose the Marseilles, faux-wrap dress from Shabby Apple's selection of women's dresses at

I may not look as awesome as the model (love her pixie cut!), but I'll tell you, I felt awesome while wearing the dress at church yesterday. The bottom half of the dress has added fabric in pleats resulting in a full skirt that moves beautifully. I did need to wear a slip to prevent static, but that may just be me. The vintage dress' fabric is a blue and white pinstripe with a stripe of hot pink to add flavor.

I tied the wraps in the back of the dress and next time I think I'll tie the wraps around my waist like the model in the above picture. I love the dress, it fits well and would be appropriate for many different occasions. Next on my agenda is to convince my hubby that a pixie hair cut will look good on me!!

If you want a fantastic Shabby Apple dress of your own, I recommend "liking" their Facebook page. They offer special promotions and discounts for their fans. If you just can't wait, Shabby Apple has offer How-To Gal readers a 10% discount. When you checkout, use the code: "thehowtogal10off"

Thank You Shabby Apple!


  1. first I want to wish you a Happy 25th Birthday!

    2nd, Girls Camp, dirt and Mudd sounds like a super fun time :)

    I'm not a dress person, but I really think this dress is cute.. I maybe would even wear it!!!

    Thanks for sharing, and have a yourself a great time!


  2. Wow you look great in that dress. I am surprised that a 25 year old would own much less wear a slip. Just don't see it that much theses days. Juse means you are a true lady.


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