Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Spring Wreath

Nothing says Spring  to me more than the fresh hues of cream, green and purple. This color combination inspired my wedding colors and more recently inspired a beautiful Spring wreath for my front door. I had been thinking for awhile that I wanted a soft, romantic wreath to welcome Spring to my home but didn't want to spend any mulah. You see, I'm totally on a "use what you have" kick instead of instantly running to the craft store to pick up supplies.

The process began with me rummaging through my fabric scrap bin. I found an old purple sweater and shirt with lace details and started from there. I added cream felt, lace and organza and green silk to the mix. Then I started making fabric flowers from my felt flowers tutorial and more fabric flower tutorials I found online. I made about 30 flowers, the result of which is this beauty:

Keeping with using what I had, I'll tell you a secret behind this wreath. The wreath form is actually one of those tiny forms you can buy at the dollar store. I had purchased it a year ago to make an Americana wreath, not realizing how tiny it was. When I compared it to my large front door, I knew I had to make it bigger somehow.

I first wrapped the entire wreath form with dark green yarn. Then to make it bigger, I remembered the extra BBQ skewers I used for my Welby Sunburst Clock tutorial and put them to use again.
I stuck the skewers all around the form giving it a sunburst look. I then wrapped those skewers two at a time with yarn to give the base some stability. 

 Finally I attached a ring of fabric to the yarn-wrapped skewers to create a solid base and glued all of my flowers in place with tacky glue. This image is what the wreath looks like from the back after I had glued all of the flowers on.
I love it. It is the perfect mixture of elegance and romance that my front door needed to usher in Spring. 

Happy Spring Everyone!

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