Thursday, November 4, 2010

How-To Perfectly Pack a Suitcase

If your family is anything like mine, this holiday season will require several different trips to far-off destinations 8 to 10 hours away. My family lives in Wyoming and my husband's family lives in California and each year we alternate holiday. One year we'll visit my parents for Thanksgiving and the hubby's for Christmas, switching the next year. We love seeing family, but sometimes those two months seem like all we do is live out of a suitcase.

You'd think with all that suitcase living I would have the most organized suitcase on the planet...but I still haven't managed to perfect the packing process. Lucky for me (and you!) I live and die by Martha Stewart's advice and found the perfect packing guide in her 1994 June/July issue.

How-To Perfectly Pack a Suitcase
(with help from Martha)
  1. Shoes- Layer your shoes on the bottom of your bag. Stuff the toes with socks, nylons or other small items you need to bring. This will help them retain your shape and will fill in the extra space. Martha even has specific bags for each of her shoes...
  2. Jeans- Next stack jeans or other slacks, (except if nice, dressy pants- see step 5) that don't need to be ironed, on top of the shoes.
  3. Sweaters, Blouses or T-shirts- Martha puts all of her sweaters in gallon freezer bags to prevent wrinkles. I, however, don't spend nearly as much as she does on her clothes (most likely) so I am not that careful with them. I just make sure they are nicely folded on top of my jeans, and I've never had a wrinkle problem.
  4. Extra Items- Items like underwear, undershirts, belts etc that don't need to look nice can be rolled up and placed in the corners of the suitcase.
  5. Delicates- Once everything else is in your bag, layer delicates on top. Save left over dry cleaning bags or visit your dry cleaners and purchase a few plastic bags. Put delicate items like party dresses, blazers, nice slacks, etc in these bags. Lay on top of the rest of your items and tuck the edges in. This will help the clothes keep their shape.
  6. Toiletries- Purchase tiny bottles of shampoo, soap, etc so if flying they won't need to be in your suitcase and instead can be carried onto the plane. If driving, double bag items that may leak (this is also a good idea if flying as well). Martha suggests to NEVER pack toiletries with clothes, no matter what. One spill can do horrible damage.
Make this holiday season a little bit easier by making YOUR life a little easier.
Happy Packing!

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  1. I actually really needed this since we are traveling for the holidays. I have always wondered if there was a method to my packing madness.
    Thank you for posting this!


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