Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Techie Tuesday: How-To "Coloring Book" Yourself

Do you remember for Christmas last year how I made a coloring book for my husband's side of the family? Here are some images to jog your memory:

It turned out beautifully and I promised then that I would post a tutorial. Well, the procrastination is over and here are step-by-step instructions on how to turn pictures into a coloring book using Photoshop!

Step One: Start with a picture that has graphic elements that would be fun to color. I love the Volcom detail on my husbands shirt and my beautiful fabric flower.
(this picture was taken of my husband and me at my daughter's first birthday)

Step Two: Select Image- Adjustments- Black & White. Click "OK."

Your picture will now be completely grayscale.

Step Three: Select Image- Adjustments- Brightness/Contrast

Adjust your picture so that the contrast between white and black is very evident.

Step Four: Select Filter- Sketch- Photocopy (make sure that you color pallet in the lower left hand corner is on black and white)

On this screen you can adjust your image to increase/lower detail and increase/decrease darkness. I like to keep my images at 15 detail and 4 darkness.

After you click "OK" you should have an image like this! If you are happy with your "coloring book-ness" stop here. Or continue to Step 5.

Step Five: Select Image- Adjustments- Brightness/Contrast

Increase your contrast to 100 which makes the image even crisper and creates more white space.

Voila! You are now officially a coloring book creating master.

Printing details:
I saved all of my images and made a book in InDesign by placing each image on a different page. However, you could easily insert your pictures into a word document to create your book if you don't have access to InDesign. Either way, save your completed book as a PDF to take to the printer. I went to Kinko's and in one day they had all of the books printed and ready for me to go. Each book cost about $5 to print.

Questions? Comment below or email me!

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  1. That's a fun idea! I did the photocopy filter on some pictures of my family members, and I made the pictures all black outlines with one solid color. Then I made a photo collage of it, turning out kind of like the Brady Bunch opening sequence. I gave it to my parents for Christmas...My family loved it!


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