Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Loveliness of a French Knot

You know how sometimes a certain item catches your eye and then it seems you see that item everywhere? For my husband it happens with cars. For me it happens with DIY projects. Well, my eye has been lingering on French Knot creations. They are absolutely beautiful. Take a gander at some of my favorites:

flower garden via Needle n' Thread customized pillow via Threadbanger

sheep via incy wincy stitches connect the dot pillows via Purl Bee

french knot monogram via Fourteen Countess

For instructions on how-to make a french knot, I have two awesome tutorials for you:

How-To Make a French Knot with Purl Bee

This tutorial is entirely made up of pictures showing you step by step instructions

How-To Make a French Knot with Needle n' Thread
This is a video tutorial and my favorite of the two. The presenter does the knot slowly six different times which really helped me.

Happy Knotting!


  1. awesome! I used to do candlewicking, and I still appreciate anything handmade. Now I have the BUG to do some French knots! I especially love the monogram.

  2. I love french knots when I do embroidery work. French knots and lazy daisy stitches are my favs!

  3. Hi there, How-To Gal! :) Thanks so much for including my letter B project in your post! French knots are so addicting.

  4. I love French knots!! I wish I could get them down I wnet searching high and low for the pferfect book to help me a while back and never did find one.


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